Cash Management Solutions

Managing your company’s finances is critical in today’s business environment. Let our highly skilled Cash Management Solutions Team help you find a way to improve cash flow, cut expenses and maximize earnings.

We can deliver a comprehensive suite of services that are customizable to fit your needs.

  • Business Online Banking Services
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) Debit and Credit Originations
  • Remote Deposit Capture Services
  • Check Positive Pay
  • ACH Debit Filter
  • Payroll
  • Collections
  • Payments/Receipts


Remote Deposit Capture has been called “The most important development the U.S. banking industry has seen in years” by the Federal Reserve and others in the financial services industry.

No more driving deposits to the bank – no more worry about what time the bank opens or closes – no more waiting in line at the counter or drive-thru! Instead, spend your time where it is needed the most – with your business and customers! RapidCapture provides you convenient desk top access to scan your checks, create and balance your deposit, and securely transmit the scanned images to the bank for posting and clearing.

The benefits of RapidCapture can be substantial: convenience, reduced transportation risk and costs, ability to consolidate multiple location deposits into a single account, reduced return risk and more!

Basic Business Online Banking

Safe, convenient and easy to use.

  • View Balance and Transaction Information
  • Transfer Funds
  • Access Bank Statements

Business Online Banking

All of the features and benefits of Basic Online Banking plus:

  • Multiple User Accessibility
  • Flexible User Right Management
  • Access Multiple Accounts
  • Originate ACH Electronic Transactions
  • Check Positive Pay
  • ACH Debit Filter
  • Payroll
  • Collections
  • Payments / Receipts

Security Features include:

  • End User Authentication - providing additional layers of security.
  • Restricted Access - limit access to specific PC location or one-time access only.
  • Flexible User Right Management - allowing multiple users for specific uses

Functionality Features include:

  • Control Multiple Accounts - for timely money management decisions, you are able to view and manage: available balances, transactions, check images, originate account transfers, use account reconciliation services and more.
  • Electronic Statement Delivery - convenient enrollment for electronic account statements, delivered directly to your online banking. Access multiple months and years of statement history at the tip of your fingers! 
  • Originate Electronic Transactions - convenient capability for direct deposit payroll, collections of recurring payments, tax payments, and other payments or receipts.

Mobile Banking

Even when you're not in the office, you can still manage accounts, process payroll, pay bills, and transfer funds all through your cell phone. It's whenever you want, wherever you want. This is available to all online banking users, and even better - it's secure, and it's free.

Commercial Mobile Apps

  • View transactions and account history
  • Check account balances
  • Transfer funds
  • Send secure messages to the bank
  • Originate single ACH credits/debits for previously set up recipients
  • Approve drafted ACH transactions
  • Deposit checks*
  • Pay bills*

*Additional fees apply.

ACH Origination Services

Providing more convenience and efficient ways to run your business finances, you are able to use our ACH services even if you do not currently have the necessary software. ACH files can be created and originated directly through our Business Online Banking features. ACH services include:

  • Direct Deposit allows you to conveniently pay your employees electronically. This reduces check fraud risk and reconciliation time. Save time and processing cost of payroll too! 
  • Direct Collections of your monthly accounts receivables is critical to your cash flow. Create loyal customers by providing a payment option which is convenient and reliable. Ideal for recurring consumer payments such as subscriptions, membership dues, etc. 
  • ACH Receipts and Payments provides your company the capability to make efficient and timely electronic payments to your vendors or suppliers with all the payment details included. You have the convenience for concentrating excess balances from your company owned accounts at other financial institutions or originate ACH debits with your trading partners to accelerate funds availability of your accounts receivables.
  • ACH Debit Block Services prevent unauthorized, or fraudulent, electronic debits from being posted to your account. Debits that have not been pre-authorized are blocked. The bank will notify you of these debits allowing you the decision to authorize or return.

Account Reconciliation Services

Reduce time associated with account reconciliation processes using monthly reports, or file transmission, of checks paid and checks outstanding detail.

Check Positive Pay Services

Protect your account against check fraud everyday! Send us a data file of issued checks and we'll run the data against your checks being paid. When a check does not match your issued checks data, we alert you for a pay or return decision.

ACH Debit Filter Service 

Providing your account security against unauthorized and improper electronic debits.

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