Ohnward Farm Management

"Outside Professional Management can be the Difference between a Strong Survivor and Not Surviving at All."

Today's complex agriculture business involves ever-increasing amounts of capital and risk. That combination means management is a more critical input every year. More disparity is showing up each year in the financial well-being of farm operations strictly as a result of the capability of management. Outside professional management can mean the difference between being a strong survivor and not surviving at all.

Traditionally, the professional farm manager has been most used by absentee landowners, widowed landowners and property owners for investment purposes. Today however, full-time farmers may benefit as well. 

Since everyone has different reasons for owning land, their management objectives will differ. Our management representatives will sit down with you to discuss your specific objectives and outline a workable management plan to achieve those objectives. These plans may include landlord tenant arrangements, cash rental agreements, customer farming operations and others. These farming plans can then be put into a crop and livestock plan showing cash requirements, cash budgets and income projections.

In carrying out the annual plan, your management professional can work with you to:

  • Prepare and service farm leases and agreements
  • Collect rent or proceeds
  • Arrangements for capital improvements and repairs
  • Supervise the purchase of production inputs
  • Crop rotations, chemical and pest management
  • Knowledge and experience in commodity markets
  • Access to market advisory services
  • Frequent farm visits
  • Monthly and annual financial statements

Whatever level of farm management you desire, we can provide the expertise and assistance needed. Most farm owners and operators utilize our farm managers for complete annual management services.

Farm Management - Other Services

Hourly Consulting

Many farmers and farm owners desire at times to secure the ideas of a professional for short-term decision making or special management problems. These might include the feasibility of capital expansion, cropping plans or governmental program analysis, projected costs and return on enterprise expansion, livestock and crop diseases and pest problems. In such cases, a manager is available by appointment on an hourly consulting schedule. He will be glad to visit your farm or meet with you in his office.

Marketing Plans

The time is past when a farmer can sell a commodity when it happens to be ready for market and be assured of receiving a profitable price. There may be only a limited period of time during the year when profitable prices exist. Thus, with highly volatile commodity prices, farm income is in large part dependent upon timely marketing. Due to limitations of time, lack of interest or lack of understanding, some farmers prefer to have professional help in their marketing. Our management services are available to assist in market planning or to assume complete responsibility for the marketing of your farm commodities.

Real Estate Appraisals

Our farm managers are trained in the techniques of real estate appraisal. From analyzing purchase or sale options to the settlement of estates, they are trained to prepare formal written appraisals based on comparable sales, cost of replacement and income methods. Such appraisals may be strictly for private use, but may also be applicable for legal or Internal Revenue Service needs.

Rental Appraisals

Like real estate appraisals, our farm managers deal regularly with land rental arrangements and are prepared to make appraisals on the current market for land rents. They are also able to offer professional advice on methods of establishing rents - be it cash, crop share or innovative arrangements to spread risk between landlord and tenant.

Farm Record Keeping

Contracting for annual management services includes professional farm record keeping. Our farm managers and investment management team can provide whatever level of farm record keeping services you desire. This may include a variety of ongoing computerized financial reports to assist you in managing your operation.


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